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The Importance of Landscape Design

One thing homeowners can agree on is that a well-executed landscape design adds beauty and value to a home and property as well as screen undesirable views and increase privacy. Working with a design professional ensures that your personal touch will be intergrated with the designers knowledge and expertise.

Whether you do the work yourself or hire it out, a comprehensive landscape design provides the "road map" to be referenced during the installation phase. The landscape design can be executed all at once or in phases while ensuring the unity of the overall project.

Professional landscape designs intergrate the "soft" and "hard" components in your landscape. Well- designed walkways and garden borders guide people through the major elements in your landscape or property. Decks and patios have become important extensions of our homes, used for entertaining and recreation.

A formal landscape design provides a visual representation of the finished project for the homeowner and facilitates a meaningful dialog between the homeowner and designers as they fine tune the final product.


Landscape Design Process

Initial Consultation

Meet with one our highly skilled and award winning designers.  This is your time to take our designers on a tour of your property and share your special needs, your inspirations, desires and dreams.  These appointments usually take 30 - 45 minutes.  

While you are familiarizing our designers with your property and needs, they will be making notes about your property and gardens.  They will be looking at the overall health of your plants, noting garden conditions, microclimates and solar access which will influence final plant selections.  At this time our designers will have a good idea regarding the complexity of your project and provide you with a price for creating your personalized design.  If you agree to the design fee, our designers will then take measurements and photos to use back in the office during the design process.



Upon returning to the office, our designers will use all of the information you shared and which they collected to create your unique design. Allow 1-2 weeks for the designer to complete your detailed plan.


When your plan is completed we can email a PDF copy to you to review or we can present it in person.  This is the time to ask questions and make minor changes.  Once the scope of your project is finalized, our designers will price the installation.








Landscape Design Pricing

We take pride in having in house designers with years of experience and creativity, unlike other companies that have to "sub-out" for designs.

Call today to enhance your environment.


Our designers start from "scratch" to create your desired landscape design.  Pricing of your design is dependent upon the size of your project and specifications.

  • Front foundation designs start at $95.00

  • Full property designs start at $395.00

During your initial meeting your designer can tell you just what your design will cost.

• Landscape design and

 installation for new


• Renovation of existing    

 landscape for a fresh new


• We inspect all plant

 material, and use only the

 highest quality available

• We will work with you to

 create a pleasurable  

 outdoor environment that

 fits your needs.

Creative Landscape Design & Installation

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